About me. Весільний фотограф Сергій Матвійчук


My name is Serhiy Matviychuk. I am a wedding photographer from Lutsk. I have been working since mid-2016. I photograph all over Ukraine and Europe. I mainly shoot Love story and wedding photo shoots. If I were to describe my work briefly, I would say “Photos in which you go from ``I can’t take pictures'' to ``Wow! '' Is it really me?!””. And if you don’t know how and your fiance doesn’t really want to take pictures — congratulations, you’ve come to the right person. I will show and tell about posing and I will not bore you on the day of your holiday. With love, your wedding photographer!

телефон: +38 (099) 30 903 96

e-mail: serhiy.CJ@gmail.com

instagram: matviichuk_serhii

facebook: Сергій Матвійчук